Dorcy LED Flashlight Instructions

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A Dorcy-brand LED flashlight provides illumination without any of the problems associated with an incandescent bulb. The light is brighter than that of a conventional flashlight. To use one of the Dorcy-brand flashlights, prepare it first by inserting the batteries it requires in a manner that will ensure that the lighting mechanism can supply power to the LED—or light-emitting diode—inside the flashlight.

Step 1

Unscrew the back battery cap from the Dorcy-brand LED flashlight. Remove the rubber gasket from over the now-opened end of the flashlight. If there is no gasket, ignore this step.

Step 2

Insert the appropriate type and number of batteries as specified in the instruction manual accompanying the flashlight into the battery compartment. Line up the contacts on the batteries as indicated by guidance inside the battery compartment.

Step 3

Replace the rubber gasket back on the end of the flashlight, if there was one. Screw the back battery cap back onto the flashlight.

Step 4

Twist the knurled ring at the front of the flashlight, just behind the reflector, clockwise to turn the LED beam on for some models; press a button at the back end of the flashlight or on the side of the flashlight on other models.

Step 5

Aim the beam of light at whatever you wish to illuminate. Note how the beam is brightest at the center, unlike that of a conventional flashlight with an incandescent bulb. Twist the knob counterclockwise or press the button again to turn the LED off.


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