How to Troubleshoot a Dewalt Emglo Compressor

Dewalt Emglo air compressors are lightweight portable units, making them easy to transport and use almost anywhere with an electrical connection. These compressors are designed for use by contractors and also in rental and home applications. They're simple to operate, and the construction of the tanks prevents accidental tip-overs, which virtually eliminates the possibility of damage. Problems may occur during operation, but often these are resolved with a few troubleshooting steps.

Air Leaks

Step 1

Test the connections by applying a soapy water solution onto each. If the solution bubbles, air is escaping from that connection.

Step 2

Tighten all tube fittings where you can hear air escaping. Avoid over-tightening by turning each fitting a quarter turn at a time until the air stops leaking.

Step 3

Replace tanks that leak air due to cracks or holes. The air tank may rupture or explode if you try to repair cracks or holes by welding or drilling.

Step 4

Pull on the safety valve ring, located on the side of the pressure switch, if you hear air leaking from this location. If the valve still leaks after pulling on the ring, replace the valve.

Step 5

Replace the regulator if there is an air leak at the regulator knob, or it will not shut off the air outlet. A damaged regulator cannot be repaired.

Compressor Not Supplying Enough Air

Step 6

Decrease the amount of air used, or turn off the compressor for a short time. Prolonged or excessive use of air can cause the compressor to produce insufficient air. Inspect the air hose for holes. If there is a hole, replace the air hose.

Step 7

Check the air requirement on the accessories you're using with your air compressor. If the requirement is higher than the pressure supplied by the compressor, you will not receive adequate air while using that accessory.

Step 8

Turn off the compressor and allow it to cool before removing the air filter from the top of your compressor. Pry the filter top from the base and remove the element inside.

Step 9

Blow out any debris or dust from the filter, and replace the element back in the base and reinstall on your compressor. If the filter element is damaged in any way, replace the filter.

Step 10

Remove the check valve, which is located at the hose connection on your compressor tank. Clean any debris or dirt in the valve and replace. If the compressor is still not providing enough air, replace the check valve.

Motor Not Running

Step 11

Check the length and gauge of the extension cord, if you're using one. Use only a three-wire cord with a three-blade grounding plug that is no longer than 50 feet and has wire that is 12 gauge or larger. Dewalt does not recommend using an extension cord with the Emglo air compressor because it drops the power to the motor and can cause overheating.

Step 12

Turn the compressor off and allow it to cool off. The Dewalt Emglo air compressor features a manual thermal overload protector, which shuts off the motor if it overheats for any reason.

Step 13

Press the reset button located at the base of the motor to restart the compressor.

Step 14

Check your breaker panel or fuse box for tripped breakers or blown fuses. Reset or replace and turn the compressor back on.

Step 15

Contact an authorized service center if troubleshooting does not enable you to restart the motor. A malfunctioning motor or starting capacitor, paint spray on internal parts of the motor, or carbon build-up on the pump can cause the compressor motor to stop running. These problems should be repaired by a professional.