How to Lock the Oven Door on a GE Profile Spectra

The General Electric Profile series of Spectra ovens have a locking door feature for use with the oven's self-cleaning cycle. Because of the high temperatures involved during self-cleaning, GE recommends locking the oven. The lock is not suitable for use with timed cooking cycles because it poses a fire risk. Locking the oven door is the first step in preparing the oven for a self-clean cycle. A temperature-sensitive latch at the top of the door controls the lock.

Step 1

Prepare the oven for a cleaning cycle by removing all of the shelves, pans and other equipment inside the oven. Switch on the overhead extraction fan and open the windows to ventilate the fumes given off during the self-cleaning cycle.

Step 2

Close the oven door and slide the small latch handle above the main handle to the right. The oven will not lock if it is still warm; wait until the appliance cools down before you lock the door. The oven is locked as soon as the latch is in position.

Step 3

Start the self-clean cycle by pressing the "Self Clean" pad, selecting a time with the "+" and "-" buttons then pressing "Start/On." Slide the latch to the left when the cycle is over and the oven has cooled. The display will flash "0:00" when the self-cleaning cycle is complete.