How to Cook With a GE Convection Oven

Convection ovens have become a popular addition to modern-day kitchens. The use of hot air circulating onto the food has made cooking time faster and quality of food better. Food is cooked more evenly because of the rotating air in all sections of the oven. Its time- and energy-saving features has made it cost-efficient as well.

Step 1

Before you turn the oven on, place the rack in the slot according to where you intend to place your baking dish. Rack assembly is important in order to avoid possible burns when you need to turn or take out the baking pan during cooking. Racks are usually placed on the second or third slot from the bottom for the 27-inch oven. In 30-inch ovens, it's either the third or fourth slot from the bottom.

Step 2

Position the food in the center of the oven and use a low-rise baking pan in order to maximize convection. If you'll be using more than one pan, do not allow the pans to touch each other. Use a second rack and leave approximately 1 1/2 inches of space between pans. Pans should not be placed to touch the walls of the oven either. Leave the same amount of space around all sides of the oven.

Step 3

Press the Convection button. Some models have convection options for the use of single or multiple racks. While some have convection settings for multi-cook or roasting, choose the one that best suits your cooking requirement.

Step 4

Enter the desired temperature using the number pad. If you're using a traditional oven recipe, set the temperature to 25 degrees F lower.

Step 5

Press the Kitchen Timer On/Off pad. Set the cooking time using whole minutes. For a cooking time of an hour and 30 minutes, just press 1, 3 and 0 in that order. If you make a mistake in pressing the correct number, press Kitchen Timer On/Off and start again. If you're using a conventional recipe, set the time to 25 percent lower than the required cooking time.

Step 6

Press the Start pad to begin cooking.

Step 7

Check if the food is cooked to your preferences when the timer runs out. If it still needs to be cooked more, set the kitchen timer again and press Start.

Step 8

Press the Clear/Off pad when you're done cooking.