Directions For The Hoover SteamVac Silver

The Hoover Steam Vac Silver, also known as the SteamVac Spin Scrub, is a carpet cleaner designed to remove dirt and debris from all sides of carpet fiber. The device uses two tanks to heat water and cleaning formula and a set of scrub brushes, as well as a 21-foot cord and a 12-amp motor. The SteamVac does not use a belt, which prevents users from needing to replace cracked or damaged belts. Operating the SteamVac is relatively simple but should only be performed by adults familiar with using heavy home appliances and hot liquids.


Step 1

Turn off the SteamVac and unplug from the power supply. Press down on the tank handle and pull forward to remove the tank from the unit.

Step 2

Turn the tank cap counter-clockwise and turn it over. Use the built-in measuring cup to measure 5 oz. of Hoover brand cleaning formula. Pour the formula into the tank and fill the tank with 1 gallon of hot, clean tap water. Close the tank lid in a clockwise motion.

Step 3

Set the tank back on the main unit and push down the tank handle until it snaps into position.

Step 4

Use your foot to push down on the handle release pedal to lower the handle. Move the speed selector to the desired setting. "Hi" is recommended for standard use. Connect the power cord to an outlet and turn the SteamVac to "On."

Step 5

Squeeze the trigger on the handle to release the cleaning spray. Slowly push the SteamVac over the damp area, then repeat without pressing the trigger. Repeat over the entire surface to be cleaned, creating slightly overlapping sections to ensure thorough cleaning.

Step 6

Turn off the SteamVac when cleaning is finished and unplug from the power supply. Press down on the tank handle and empty the tank. Rinse well. Remove the recovery tank from underneath the solution tank and empty. Rinse well. When the tanks are dry, return them to the unit. Store in a clean, dry area.