How to Calibrate Maytag Oven Thermometers

Although your Maytag oven is calibrated before you purchase it, there is a chance that the temperature reading and the actual temperature inside the oven may be slightly off. One of the ways to tell that the oven may need calibrated is simply by noticing if the foods you are cooking seem to need to be left in the oven for a longer or shorter period of time than the recipe specifies. Calibration of your Maytag oven only requires that you push a few buttons. You do not need to take apart the oven in any way.

Step 1

Press the "Bake" button on the appliance and hold it for five seconds. The oven will show the current calibration on the display. If you have never before calibrated the oven, it will read "00." If you have calibrated it before, it may read something such as "20" or "-10."

Step 2

Press the "+" or "-" keypads next to "Temp/Time" to increase or decrease the oven's temperature gauge. The temperature increases or decreases in 10-degree increments. You may set the temperature calibration up to 30 degrees more or 30 degrees less.

Step 3

Press "Start." The oven thermometers are now calibrated.