Troubleshooting Guide for John Wood Water Heaters

John Wood is a brand name of the GSW Water Heating company. The firm, which launched from Canada, is a global producer of various water heating systems. A water heater usually goes in the basement of a home or in the laundry room or a utility closet if the home has no basement. The water heater's function is to heat the household water for showers, baths, dishes or laundry as needed. A glitch in the performance of your water heater can make for an uncomfortable day, but you can usually fix smaller issues with a John Wood heater before you have to call a service technician. Troubleshoot the appliance to determine what the problem is.


Step 1

Ensure the electrical supply to the water heater is turned on and that no fuses are blown or circuit breakers tripped if the unit isn't producing hot water.

Step 2

Reset the high limit temperature switch if the water was too hot and became too cold. Turn off the electricity to the heater, then remove the access door and peel back the insulation. Press the red "Reset" button, then replace the insulation and the door, and turn the power back on.

Step 3

Wait for at least one hour if you've been using more hot water than usual only cold water is coming out of the taps. This gives the water heater a chance to warm the water in the reservoir back to a hot temperature. It may take longer than an hour to heat the water sufficiently in winter conditions.


Step 1

Check the thermostat to ensure that it is set at the proper temperature if you aren't getting enough hot water or if you're getting no hot water at all. Look to see if the pilot has gone out; relight it if it has.

Step 2

Wait for the water to heat back up if you've been using it a lot and you aren't getting any hot water.

Step 3

Check the thermostat to ensure it isn't set too high if your water is too hot for your liking. Install anti-scald tempering valves to regulate the water temperature so no one gets burned.

Step 4

Contact your water dealer or service technician to flush out the system if you detect the smell of sulfur coming from the unit. The smell resembles that of rotten eggs.

Step 5

Inspect the anode rod in the water heater if the water has a rusty color all of a sudden. Inspect the rod and replace it if it is corroded.

Step 6

Flush out the tank of the water heater if it makes a rumbling noise during operation. Flush the tank by draining about 2 gallons of water from the tank, or until the discharge runs clear.