The Norelco steam iron by Philips is a high-quality iron with multiple temperature and steam settings. Don't be fooled into thinking that its multiple features make it difficult to use. Learning to use and care for a Norelco steam iron is simple and fast, even for those who are just learning to iron. With a few simple tips, you'll be ironing in no time!

Set Up

Before using your Norelco steam iron for the first time, be sure to remove the protective sticker or foil from the iron's faceplate. Inspect the iron's cord for damage before first use. To fill the iron, make sure it is unplugged and upright, then set the steam control to "0." Open the filling cap, tilt the iron backwards, use the filling cup to fill the water tank to the desired level and replace the cap. Do not fill the tank above where it is marked "Max." For safety purposes, only plug your Norelco steam iron into grounded wall sockets. Wait for the amber temperature indicator light to go out before you begin ironing.


The temperature of the Norelco steam iron is controlled by the temperature control dial located on the iron's handle. The dial can be turned to access the iron's various temperature settings. The first temperature setting is used for silk and synthetic fabrics like nylon, acrylic and polyester. The second temperature setting is for wool. The third temperature setting is for fabrics such as cotton and linen.

The steam feature on the Norelco steam iron is controlled by the steam dial. Set the iron to "0" when you don't want any steam. You can set the iron to steam settings one, two and three for moderate steam or four, five and six for heavier steam. Once you have selected a steam setting, the steam will begin once the iron has reached the appropriate temperature. There is also a "Spray" button on the iron that you can press to moisten the piece of clothing that you're ironing.


Storing your Norelco steam iron correctly will help extend the life of your iron. When you're finished ironing, unplug the iron, empty its water tank and allow the iron to cool to room temperature. Wind the iron's cord around the storage base and secure the cord with the included clip. Store the iron in an upright position in a safe, dry place until its next use.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance will help ensure that your Norelco steam iron continues to perform its best. This includes keeping your iron clean and dry. After each use, let your iron cool and then wipe it with a soft cloth that has been dampened in a solution of mild soap and water. Do not allow your Norelco steam iron to become immersed in water. If your iron comes into contact with excess moisture, dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Periodically inspect your iron's cord for possible damage. If your iron's cord is damaged, contact Norelco customer service for repair.