How to Cool a Room With Everyday Items

Have you ever wanted to a cool a room but a fan just doesn't cut it? Maybe you have air conditioning but can't get it into certain rooms like the bathroom that end up hot and unpleasant? This article tells you how cool the room so at least it is more tolerable.

Step 1

Fit the material to the fan and tie it firmly around the handle or the back of the fan so that the material stays in place. Make sure the material is mostly on the side that blows the air. Also make sure the ends aren't so long that they get sucked into the fan.

Step 2

Put ice pack, frozen gel pack, or magic ice in plastic bag. Use a safety pin to hold the bag on the material or tie it to the handle so it hangs down on the fan. More than one ice pack will be needed for larger fans and in larger rooms.

Step 3

Turn fan on and feel the cooler air blowing. This works to keep a bathroom cooler and more tolerable while taking a warm shower in summer. Try it in other areas to see if they work as well!

Step 4

If the ice pack melts or becomes warm, it must be replaced. Make sure to do this often enough to keep the cooler air blowing!