How to Troubleshoot MacClean Water Softeners

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Things You'll Need

  • Pliers

  • Drain snake or drain cleaner

  • Screwdriver

  • Voltmeter

MacClean is a manufacturer of water systems, including water softeners. The in-line plumbing appliance filters out minerals which create "hard water." The result is potable, mineral-free water that can promote healthier skin. MacClean softeners, like other brands, use a brine tank and salt to filter incoming water entering the home. Troubleshooting a MacClean water softener requires looking at a few possible causes.

Step 1

Recharge the MacClean water softener. Check the salt level and bring it up to under halfway by adding more salt. Press the "recharge" button to reset the salt level and make the water softer.

Step 2

Check the power cord and the breaker. Make sure the water softener is plugged in and the breaker on the main electrical panel has not burned out or tripped to the "neutral" position. If the breaker is in the "neutral" position, that means there is a short in the power cord or in the unit itself. In either case, the MacClean software needs to be replaced.


Step 3

Check the water supply. Remove the supply line from the MacClean to see if the water supply line itself is clogged. Use a drain snake or drain cleaner to clear the line if it's clogged.

Step 4

Inspect the valve drain hose on the MacClean for clogs and obstructions. Look for sharp kinks or twists and bends as well as cracks and leaks in the drain valve hose.

Step 5

Test the motor with a voltmeter. Disassemble the cover chassis of the MacClean to gain access to the motor with pliers and a screwdriver. Attach the voltmeter to the motor to see if it is working properly and receiving current. In addition, look over the rotor seal to make sure it is in position and not damaged. If either the motor or rotor seal in the MacClean is damaged, order a replacement and install according to instructions.



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