How to Change the Combination to a Mosler Safe

The Mosler Safe Company manufactures physical security equipment like safes and bank vaults. Founded in 1867 by Gustave Mosler, the company makes safes known for their ability to withstand explosions. The Mosler Safe Company is most known for the construction of the vault depository at Fort Knox, Ky., which houses U.S. gold. Changing the combination on a Mosler safe can be a challenge if you don't know what you're doing.

Step 1

Locate the change mark. Look for the change mark on the dial ring around 11 o'clock.

Step 2

Dial the combination that currently opens the Mosler safe on this change mark. Do not return to "0" on the dial ring. Simply stop on the final number to the current combination.

Step 3

Locate the flat rod. On the left side of the safe, near the front of the drawer, you will see a small, flat rod. This rod must be up in order for the handle to raise. Having the flat rod up will allow you to lock the Mosler safe with the drawer open.

Step 4

Redial the current combination in the same way described in Step 2.

Step 5

Insert the key into the back of the lock and turn halfway; that is, turn the key halfway around, 180 degrees. Do not complete the full circle.

Step 6

Dial the new combination starting at the 11 'o clock mark discussed in Step 1. Be sure to stop on the last number. Do not use a number less than 20 for the last number.

Step 7

Turn key back and remove the key from the lock.