How to Tune Into XM Channel 0

Channel 0 on an XM Satellite Radio receiver doesn't actually contain any programming. Instead, channel 0 displays the identification number for your XM unit on its built-in screen. You may need this number if you're renewing your subscription, starting a new subscription or calling customer service for any reason. Tune to channel 0 in a very specific way.

Step 1

Press "Power" to turn on your XM satellite radio receiver. After a second, the station the receiver is currently tuned to will display onscreen.

Step 2

Use the circular tuning dial or the "Previous" button (whichever application applies to your specific receiver) to tune backwards until the station indicator onscreen reads "0."

Step 3

Wait a few seconds for your tuning selection to register. Your XM radio will scroll your unit's ID number across the screen.

Stephen Lilley

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