Fry Daddy Instructions

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The Fry Daddy, an electric deep fryer made by Presto, features a snap-on lid and a food scoop that allows the cooking oil to drain when removing food from the fryer. The Fry Daddy is relatively simple to use. Here are some strategies for setup, cooking and storage.


Remove the plastic cover from the Fry Daddy. Before each use, be sure the rubber pads on the bottom of the deep fryer have no oil or other particles on them. If needed, clean the pads with soap and warm water and dry completely. Only use the deep fryer on dry, level surfaces that are resistant to heat. Place the Fry Daddy away from the edge of your countertop to avoid injury. Fill the oil reservoir on the fryer with cooking oil only up to the level mark. Do not fill with more than 32 ounces of oil or two pounds of shortening. Don't cover the unit during use.

Line up the magnetic end of the plug with the two pins on the base of the deep fryer. The plug will attach magnetically to the fryer when aligned correctly. Avoid bumping or moving the cord during cooking, as it can easily detach from the fryer and could interrupt cooking. Once the cord is attached to the fryer, plug it into a wall outlet.

Cooking Instructions

Allow the cooking oil to preheat for 15 minutes. Carefully drop one to four cups of food into the oil. Use a scoop or spoon to minimize splattering of hot oil. Gently stir food intermittently to avoid having it stick together. When your food has reached its desired crispness, use the Fry Daddy scoop to pick up the food and drain. Put the food on a plate lined with paper towels or napkins to absorb some of the excess oil.

Safety and Warnings

Never touch the aluminum part of the handle when the fryer is hot. Attach the magnetic plug to the fryer before plugging the unit into the wall outlet. Disconnect the plug from the wall to power-off the fryer. Be sure the entire unit is cool before cleaning or removing parts of the unit. Be cautious when using the Fry Daddy near children. Use the Fry Daddy indoors only, and use great caution if you absolutely must move the unit when it contains hot oil and/or foods. Keep the deep fryer away from hot stove burners or a hot oven; and keep the cord away from hot surfaces and water.

Cooking Recommendations

For the best-tasting deep-fried foods, only use a high-quality brand of cooking oil or vegetable shortening. Avoid using butter, olive oil, margarine or animal fats for deep frying due to the lower smoking temperatures these products create. Eliminate as much moisture and ice crystals as possible before frying foods, which will reduce oil splatter. Take heed when frying dough and flour tortillas, as they may contain air bubbles that can burst during cooking and cause injury. Finally, use tongs or a slotted spoon when stirring up foods, and never use plastic cooking utensils with your deep fryer.

Cleaning and Storage

Unplug the cord from the wall and then from the fryer. Let the oil and deep fryer cool completely. Remove the cooking oil or cover the fryer with the lid for storage. Use soap and warm water to clean the unit and the scoop. Dry completely. Do not put the Fry Daddy in a dishwasher or immerse in water. Use only soft rags and mild detergents to clean the fryer. Clean the interior of the Fry Daddy on occasion with a commercial cleaner designed for nonstick surfaces. Store the cord in a dry place away from metal items.


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