Ducane Furnace Troubleshooting

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Ducane sells both gas and oil furnaces. Most of its gas furnaces have received a 95% AFUE efficiency rating, which ultimately helps you pay less when operating the furnace. In addition, its variable speed blower is known to be quiet, providing even temperatures. No matter what features your furnace may have, however, you are still likely to run into problems. Try troubleshooting the issues on your own before you spend money on a repairman.

Pilot Light

If you are trying to use your Ducane furnace and find that the pilot light will not light, check to see if the main valve is turned to the "On" position. You should also check the pilot H.S.I. (Hot Surface Ignitor) to see if it is broken and ensure that there is nothing clogging the pilot orifice. You may also be experiencing a problem with the control valve. Your Owner's Manual (see References) will be able to assist you in troubleshooting the SmartValve.


If you find that your burners will not ignite, check that the furnace is connected to the power supply. Make sure that there is no blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker or faulty wiring. You may need to replace the transformer or the fuse on the fan timer board. If there is no gas at your main burners, the problem may be with your main valve. See if it is opening or turned to the "On" position. See if you can find any loose or broken wiring connections. You may need to replace the entire valve system.


You may have a furnace that is too small for the area you need to heat if you are not getting warm enough. Consider the size of your location when determining whether you need a larger heater. If that is not the reason, then perhaps your gas input to the furnace is too low. Other options are to clean or replace dirty air filters, use a faster blower speed and ensure that there is nothing clogging the ductwork.


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