Troubleshooting a dehumidifier is relatively easy because there are not many reasons for the unit not to work. There are only a few working parts and the compressor usually does not malfunction but rather a fan blade or something simple like the float switch being stuck. If the unit is having a problem functioning, follow these easy troubleshooting steps. Each only takes a few minutes and no tools are needed.

How to Troubleshoot a Dehumidifier

Step 1

If the dehumidifier will not run, check the plug to make sure it is plugged into a three-prong outlet. Take the drain bucket out and make sure the float is in the correct position then replace the bucket. If the bucket is full, empty it before putting it back.

Step 2

If the dehumidifier is running but not taking the humidity out of the room check the unit for ice. Some units have an automatic shut off control if the unit ices up. Check the filter to make sure it is clean and not obstructed by dirt. Clean and replace if necessary.

Step 3

If the circulating fan is not blowing, it could be that the fan motor is burnt out or it may be stuck. If the blade is stuck or broken, it needs to be replaced.

Step 4

If the unit is not taking the humidity out of the air, it may be that the unit iced up. Turn off the unit and allow thawing. Check the room to see if more humidity is getting into the room from an area that is unsealed. This can cause the unit to ice up. Also check the temperature of the room, if it is colder, it can cause the coils to ice up. Turn off the unit until the room warms up.