How to Dispose of Used Water Coolers

Water coolers are common appliances in workplaces and homes that provide chilled drinking water. Appliances like water coolers, regenerators, freezers and air conditioners often contain Freon, a gas than can be potentially harmful to the environment. Similar to other items that contain potentially harmful chemicals, such as batteries and compact fluorescent light bulbs, water coolers should not simply be thrown into regular trash bins for disposal. Water coolers should be brought to the proper recycling or disposal facility for appliances containing Freon

Step 1

Ask friends and organizations like churches and small businesses if they want to use the water cooler. If the cooler is still in working condition, finding someone who wants to use it can save you the hassle of throwing it away.

Step 2

Call your waste collection service provider and ask them where to dispose of your water cooler. Different local governments have different disposal requirements and facilities that handle disposing of items like water coolers.

Step 3

Load the water cooler into a vehicle and drop it off at the recycling facility cited by the waste collection service in your area. You may have to fill out forms or follow other special procedures, as per the laws and ordinances in your area.