Electric lift chairs aid people with medical conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes, in getting up and down every day. After becoming accustomed to the ease of lifting chairs, their users may be reluctant to travel to a destination that won't have lift chairs available. If you're traveling by automobile and it's large enough to accommodate the lift chair, it's very simple to disassemble the lift chair and take it with you to your destination.

Step 1

Locate the hook and loop latches on the base of the lift chair. Unhook the clasps. Remove the bottom layer of fabric from the back of the chair base.

Step 2

Unzip the covering on the back of the chair to separate the back of the chair from the chair base. Remove the fastener that attaches the fabric on the back of the chair to the chair's frame. Set the fastener aside in a large bag so it can be reattached later.

Step 3

Open the locking clips located on the right side of the chair's back by carefully lifting up each clip with a flat-head screwdriver. Pull the back of the chair on the right side up and over the lock. Repeat the same steps to open the left-side clip. Make sure the back of the chair is completely separated from all connections on the chair base.

Step 4

Lift up the back of the chair. Remove it from the base of the chair.