How to Clean My Keurig

Coffee makers are one of the most commonly replaced small appliances in the kitchen. Most people purchase the cheapest one they can find, only to replace it a few months later when it stops working. One of the most popular coffee makers on the market today is the Keurig Coffee Maker. The Keurig makes coffee quickly and has a long life, as long as the owner cleans it frequently.

Step 1

Remove any remaining liquid from the coffee maker and make sure that the coffee pouch has also been removed from the maker.

Step 2

Measure out enough white vinegar to fill the water holding tank in your Keurig coffee maker. The amount of vinegar may vary depending on the number of cups your maker is designed for.

Step 3

Fill the water tank on the Keurig coffee maker with the white vinegar. Fill the tank completely.

Step 4

Run a full cycle of the vinegar through the coffee maker as you would when making coffee. The vinegar will clean out the coffee maker and keep your machine running correctly. In addition, your coffee will taste better after the cleaning.

Step 5

Fill the water tank up with clean water and run the machine through a cycle. Make sure all the vinegar is out of the coffee maker before you brew coffee. You may need to repeat this step once or twice more before brewing your next pot of coffee.