Simplicity Dehumidifier Instructions

Simplicity dehumidifiers are portable units that you can place in a room to remove moisture from the air. People use dehumidifiers for several reasons, such as to provide relief from a respiratory ailment or to increase the comfort in a room. To meet the needs of different users, Simplicity designed their dehumidifiers with adjustable settings.


Take into consideration where you will place your dehumidifier before starting it. Since the dehumidifier draws air through the machine to remove moisture, it must be located in an area that will not hinder airflow. Do not place the front of the dehumidifier next to a wall, furniture or any appliances. Allow for at least 8 inches of space from other objects.

Place your Simplicity dehumidifier in a room where the temperature is 42 to 95 degrees. If the temperature is outside of these boundaries, the dehumidifier will not operate optimally.

Finally, position the dehumidifier close to an electrical outlet. Only use an extension cord if you cannot place the dehumidifier close to an outlet, and only use a heavy-duty electrical cord.


Simplicity dehumidifiers use electronic controls to allow users to set the desired humidity level of a room. The control panel is located on the top of the machine. To set the desired relative humidity, press the up and down arrow buttons. You can select between 35 and 80 percent humidity. The lower the humidity setting, the more moisture is removed from the air. If the sensor detects higher humidity in the air than the setting requires, the dehumidifier will turn on. Once the room humidity dips below the setting level, the machine will turn off.

In addition, Simplicity dehumidifiers have a continuous option. When you choose the continuous option, the dehumidifier will run constantly. To set the continuous option, press the down arrow button until "- -" appears on the LCD screen.

If you are satisfied with the humidity level in the room but want to circulate the air with the dehumidifier, choose "Fan Only Mode" by pressing the "Mode" button until the symbol of fan blades appears in the display. To change the fan speed setting, press the "Fan" button on the control pad to alternate between "High Fan" and "Low Fan."

Emptying Water Tank

As moisture is removed from the air it collects in the water tank located in the front of the machine. Once the water level is at a certain level, the dehumidifier will stop running. To empty the water tank, slide the tank out from the front of the unit and dump the contents in a sink. Slide the empty water tank back into the dehumidifier to resume normal operation.