How to Oil a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Having a grandfather clock will add beauty and charm to your home, but it can also take a great deal of time and effort. You need to take proper care of the grandfather clock, including regular cleaning and oiling of the necessary mechanisms. Oiling a Howard Miller grandfather clock, for example, should only take a few minutes. If you take care of the grandfather clock properly, it should continue chiming away for years to come.

Step 1

Oil your Howard Miller grandfather clock according to the right schedule. The company recommends every two years.

Step 2

Use only a quality clock oil for this task. Do not use any other type of oil. While this material may be unavailable in many home improvement stores, you can obtain some through a Howard Miller local retailer's repair team or from a specialty store or antique dealer that specializes in clocks.

Step 3

Open the front door of your Howard Miller grandfather clock. This will give you access to the movement.

Step 4

Add clock oil to the gears and parts of the movement that you can access from the front. A few drops should be sufficient. Close the door.

Step 5

Remove the side panels by taking off the plastic clip that holds them in place. This will give you access to more gears and parts of the movement. Add oil to these, as well and replace the side panels.