The Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner is designed to provide years of trouble-free cleaning, but that does not mean that nothing will ever go wrong with it. If you own one of these vacuum cleaners, it is a good idea to have some basic troubleshooting skills. Understanding how the unit is supposed to operate, and what to do if it does not operate properly, is the best way to keep the unit running without incurring high repair bills.

Power Problems

If you flip the power switch on your Kirby Sentria vacuum and get no response, the first thing you should check is the power running to the outlet. It is possible that you simply tripped a breaker, or that something is wrong with the outlet. Checking this possibility first can save you hours of fruitless troubleshooting. To test the outlet, simply plug in a lamp, radio or other small appliance. If the outlet is not working, check the breaker, or simply move the Kirby vacuum to another outlet you know works.

Change the Bag or Filter

If the Kirby Sentria vacuum will not turn on, it is possible that the bag or filter needs to be replaced. Open the bag and filter compartments and check for a full bag or a clogged or dirty filter. Also check to make sure the doors are closed completely. If the door is not completely closed, the Sentria may not operate properly.

Kinked Cord

If the power cord running to the Kirby Sentria vacuum is kinked or twisted, electricity will not be able to flow to the appliance properly. Check for a kinked hose if the vacuum does not come on at all, or if it cuts on and off while you are using it. It is easy for the cord to become twisted and tangled as you move around the room, so it is a good idea to stop often and check the condition of the cord. Do not stretch the cord taut as you vacuum the room. Take a minute and move the cord to an outlet closer to where you will be cleaning next. Stretching the cord too tight can cause it to break, and you will need to replace it before you can use the vacuum again.

Bad Power Switch

The power switch on the Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner can wear out over time, especially if you use the appliance often. If the vacuum will not turn on, try wiggling the power switch back and forth several times. If the unit starts up after several attempts, the power switch may be failing. If the vacuum does not come on at all, or starts up and turns right back off, the power switch probably needs to be replaced.