How to Install Tape in a P-Touch Label Maker

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The P-touch Label maker is a convenient way to categorize and customize your entire home, office or any other project. The machine has a built-in QWERTY keyboard for easy typing and prints on an adhesive label that is ready for use. The label maker uses thermal technology, which eliminates the need for ink. There are a wide variety of label types you can buy depending on what colors you like. The portable machine is powered by AA batteries.

Step 1

Turn off the label maker before installing the tape.

Step 2

Press the part marked as "<<" and lift the cassette cover.

Step 3

Position the tape into the slot. Make sure to feed the end of the tape under the tape guides.

Step 4

Check that the lever is up before closing the cover; the cover will not close if the lever is pressed down.

Step 5

Close the cassette cover.

Step 6

Press the power key to turn on the device. If using an AC adapter, plug the adapter into the wall then press the power key.

Step 7

Type a sample to test if your installation was successful.