Rug Doctor Troubleshooting

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The Rug Doctor is one of the better known names in the world of carpet cleaning with over 30,000 retail outlets in the United States alone. It is also the only consumer-operated system that has been awarded the Gold standard award, which it received in 2006 from the Carpet and Rug Institute. Whether you rent or own your own unit, help keep it running sharp with a few of these handy tips.

Lack of Spray

If your machine will not spray properly it indicates you have a loss of water pressure within the unit. First, check to see if the solution hose is properly connected to the back of the Rug Doctor. Next look to see if any detergent solution is left in the lower tank. (The tank is completely empty if the dirty water no longer enters the upper tank when cleaning. Refill the lower tank with fresh clean water and 2 oz. of cleaning solution, and dump the excess dirty water out of the upper tank before you resume cleaning.

Poor Suction or Power Loss

An improper seal on the power dome will reduce proper suction and cause the unit to perform poorly. Also check to see if the large hose at the back of the unit is properly connected and does not have any holes or tears in it. Other causes of poor suction may be a clogged or dirty filter inside the plastic dome. Clear any dirt and debris and resume cleaning.

If your Rug Doctor quits running in the middle of cleaning, check to see if a breaker within the home has tripped, and reset if needed. The manual power switch should be set to the "on" position on the machine, and check the power cord to be sure it is still plugged in. If all is properly in place, try resetting the machine with the reset button that is located on either the back or top of the machine, depending on the model type.

Excess Foaming

Occasionally you may run into a problem with excess foaming, especially if you have previously used high-detergent cleaners on the carpet or a topical spray cleaner before shampooing. If this occurs, add 1/4 cup of the specially-formulated Rug Doctor Anti-Foam solution to the water in the Upper tank; this will help tame the amount of foam you are sucking back into the upper chamber. Note: Do not add this to the normal cleaning solution in the bottom tank.

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