How to Troubleshoot a Whirlpool AccuBake Range

Whirlpool oven ranges with "AccuBake" technology are designed to ensure uniform heat distribution inside the oven. As with any oven range appliance, problems can arise when you're using a Whirlpool AccuBake range. The first step of the troubleshooting process is to determine possible causes of the problem. Complete the troubleshooting process to resolve many of the most common problems that can occur and save yourself a service call and corresponding bill.

Step 1

Push a control knob in before turning to a setting. The setting will not be activated unless the knob is pushed in first.

Step 2

Press the "Cancel" button if the oven will not operate. If a "Cook & Hold" feature was previously activated, it must be canceled before the oven can be activated.

Step 3

Turn on one of the surface burners for one to two minutes if your AccuBake range is a gas model and the burners will not operate. If this is the first time it has been used, the burners need to allow air to escape from the gas lines before they will ignite.

Step 4

Close the oven door completely if the self-cleaning cycle will not operate. The cycle cannot start unless the door is closed far enough for the automatic lock to engage.

Step 5

Press the "Cancel" button if "Lock" or "Bake" is flashing on the display. This display message means there was a power interruption. Pressing "Cancel" resets the AccuBake range display.