The Mr. Meat Smoker is a vertical smoker that you can use to smoke, roast, steam, barbecue and fry foods. The Mr. Meat Smoker comes in two varieties, a charcoal version where you burn briquettes for heat, and a electric version that you plug into an outlet for heat. Properly using the smoker involves placing the right items at each of the three levels of the smoker, the bottom level where the heat is generated, the middle level where the steam is generated and the top level where you cook your meat.

Smoking, Roasting and Steaming

Step 1

Place the large, bowl-shaped charcoal pan in the bottom of the smoker. Fill the bowl with charcoal according to the type of food you are cooking. Most meats will have the tray completely full, while fish, small game and shellfish will only have the tray half-full. Soak the charcoal with lighter fluid and wait about three minutes. If you have the electric version of the Mr. Meat Smoker you do not have a charcoal pan and need no charcoal. Plug in the electric unit, or light the charcoal.

Step 2

Soak between one and six hickory chips in water for about 15 minutes. The more chips you use the more intense the smoky flavor will be. For any meat that you would use a half-full charcoal pan, you should only use up to three hickory chips. Place the chips in with the charcoal, or in the hickory tray near the bottom of electric units. If you are roasting or steaming your meat, skip this step.

Step 3

Hook the four wire brackets into the four holes on the edge of the water pan. Lower the pan into the smoker and hook the brackets into the notches on the side of the smoker. Fill the water pan with water. If you have the electric version, only fill the pan halfway. If you are roasting your meat, put the water pan in place, but leave it empty.

Step 4

Place the smaller grill inside of the unit so that it rests on top of the water pan. Add your meat to this tray until it is full. Ensure that the meat pieces do not touch each other on the tray. Place the larger tray on the very top of the unit and add any remaining meat. Put the lid over the unit and cook until the meat is done.

Step 5

Open the side door to add water, charcoal or hickory chips as needed during the cooking process. Use a meat thermometer plunged into the thickest part of the meat to determine if it is done. The desired temperature will range from 140 degrees F to 180 degrees F, depending on the type of meat and desired meat toughness.

Barbecuing or Frying

Step 6

Remove the charcoal pan from the bottom of the unit, if it is in there. If you have an electric unit, plug it in and put the lid on, giving it 15 minutes to warm up.

Step 7

Place the wire brackets inside of the smoker, with each bracket hooked into a notch at the top. Lower the charcoal pan over the brackets. If you have the electric model, attach the ends of these brackets to the water pan first and lower it.

Step 8

Fill the charcoal pan with charcoal, soak it with lighter fluid, and wait about three minutes. Light the charcoal and let it burn for about 30 minutes.

Step 9

Put the large grill into place at the top of the smoker. Add your meat to the grill and cook until it is done. If you want to fry foods, which you can only do with the charcoal version of the Mr. Meat Smoker, put the water pan on top of the grill and use it as a frying pan to fry your food.