How to Troubleshoot Maytag Oven Problems

Maytag ovens come in many sizes, styles and finishes, and with a wide variety of available features such as self-cleaning mechanisms, warming drawers, variable controls and many other features. Maytag ovens come in a variety of configurations, such as wall ovens, slide-in units and freestanding units; and with gas heating or electric heating. Troubleshooting minor problems that develop with your Maytag oven can assist you with determining what's wrong. In many cases troubleshooting will prevent the need for calling a service technician.

Step 1

Ensure that the Maytag oven is connected to a working power outlet if it is not operating. Reset the circuit breaker or replace the household fuse if necessary. Check to make sure that the controls were correctly set and that "Start" was pressed or selected to begin heating the oven.

Step 2

Turn off and unplug the oven if the light does not seem to be turning on. Use a dry cloth to unscrew the cover over the light bulb, then remove the bulb, again using the dry cloth. Replace the bulb with a new 40-watt appliance light bulb, which you can purchase from most grocery or hardware stores. Screw the bulb cover back on and restore power to the oven. Note that the oven light will not function during a self-cleaning process.

Step 3

Wait for the oven to cool before using a damp cloth to remove excess food spills inside the oven if you notice smoke or a smell during oven use. Wipe the oven door clean as well, avoiding the gasket. Close the door and select "Self Clean" and "Start" to perform an automatic cleaning process. Note that if there is excessive soil in the oven, fault codes may occur during cleaning. In that instance, push "Cancel" and let the oven cool. Wipe out the spills; then re-start the self-cleaning process.

Step 4

Allow the oven to cool completely before trying to open the door following a self-clean process. The oven gets very hot during the self-cleaning cycle, and the oven must cool appropriately before the door will automatically unlock once self cleaning is complete. Cool-down can take up to an hour after the cleaning is finished.

Step 5

Use a broiler pan with an insert if your food is not broiling as expected or if the food is smoking during the broiling process. Trim excess fat from meat, and use clean pans when broiling. Keep the oven door open to the first stop while broiling.

Step 6

Preheat the oven if food does not bake or cook evenly. Center oven racks and place food items on the center of the oven racks during cooking.

Step 7

Press and hold the "Cancel" and "Cook & Hold" pads at the same time for three seconds to unlock the oven if the control lock has been set, preventing users from accessing the oven.

Step 8

If "Bake" or "Lock" is flashing in the display, press "Cancel" and disconnect power to the oven. Wait several minutes, then reconnect power. If the error code persists, turn the power back off and contact Maytag.