Sunbeam offers a wide line of irons for your clothing needs. Irons press out wrinkles using hot steam and mist with a stainless steel plate, and when you are ironing, it is necessary to periodically add water to the iron to allow the steam and mist features to function. Although adding water is second nature to many iron users, new users might have difficulty figuring out where to fill the Sunbeam iron. Fortunately, all Sunbeam irons use a single point to add water to the unit.

Step 1

Unplug the Sunbeam iron power cord from the electrical outlet. Place a towel on a flat counter and stand the iron so that the front of the iron is pointing up.

Step 2

Allow the iron to cool completely before adding water. Turn the "Steam Lever" on the front of the Sunbeam iron to "Dry" and rotate the selector to the "Off" position.

Step 3

Grasp the water fill cover on the front of the iron with your thumb and pull it open. Fill a cup with household tap water.

Step 4

Pour the water into the fill hole until the water level is at the "Full" mark inside the side of the fill hole.

Step 5

Close the fill hole cover until it snaps shut. Plug the power cord back in and resume your ironing.