How to Unlock a Jenn-Air Self-cleaning Oven

There are two reasons your Jenn-Air self cleaning oven may become locked. One is if you manually lock the doors to prevent children from using the oven. This is accomplished by pressing and holding the "Cancel" and "Cook & Hold" buttons until the message "Off" or "Lock" shows in the digital display. Your Jenn-Air oven also may lock itself is as a result of the self-cleaning cycle. In that case it will stay locked until the cycle is over and the oven has cooled.

Step 1

Check to make sure that the Jenn-Air oven's digital display still shows "Lock" or "Off." If neither of these messages show, the oven is not locked and requires no further effort to unlock it.

Step 2

Wait for the oven to cool completely, if it has been on the self-cleaning cycle, before attempting to unlock or open the oven door. It will automatically unlock once the oven has cooled, which may take several hours depending on the temperature of the cleaning cycle.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Cancel" and "Cook & Hold" buttons on the oven or, if you have dual ovens installed, the upper oven. This will reverse a manual locking of the oven door.

Step 4

Wait until the message "Lock" flashes on the digital display, then release the buttons. Your oven is now unlocked.