Electric mixers take the work out of preparing certain foods. There are three types of electric mixers: the hand mixer, stand mixer and stick mixer. It is important to use the proper speed when following a recipe. For example, if you are making a lemon meringue pie, you must beat the egg whites on high to whip them to sufficient lightness. If you use a low setting, you will have to beat them much longer to achieve the desired results. Also, when baking a cake, many recipes call for medium speed. Any faster speed will usually produce a flat, chewy cake.

Step 1

Insert the beaters into the holes on the underside of an electric hand mixer. Push them in until you feel them click into place. Put the beaters into the food you want to mix and then turn the dial up to the proper speed. Some hand mixers have low, medium and high settings, while others are marked with numbers.

Step 2

Place the proper attachment on your electric stand mixer. There are three main types of attachments, including the whisk, dough hook and paddle. Secure the bowl and lower the mixer down into the food before turning it on.

Step 3

Insert the stick mixer into the food or liquid that you want to mix. Adjust the speed if your stick mixer has different settings for speed. Push and hold the power button to operate the mixer.