Wayne Dalton Quantum 3212 Instructions

The Wayne Dalton Quantum 3212 uses three buttons to transmit and control the Wayne Dalton garage door openers. This unit is programmable and is compatible with most of the Wayne Dalton doors and other brands of door openers. The Quantum does not work with internal auto-based "homelink" link systems. Program your Quantum and sync it with the door opener for hands-free garage door service.

Step 1

Engage any emergency disconnect bars on the garage door opener. Press the "Program" button on the Quantum and look for the green LED light.

Step 2

Press your choice of the three buttons within 30 seconds of the green LED light coming on. Hold the button until the green LED light goes off.

Step 3

Engage the garage door emergency bar.

Step 4

Press the transmitter button used in Step 2 (the button you choose to use for the garage door transmission). Wait for the door to open as the Quantum is now programmed for your door.