Vita-Mix manufactures high quality blenders for both wet and dry ingredients. The powerful motor paired with dry ingredient blades can chop dry items quickly. The most common leaking areas of a blender are at the bottom of the container and cracks in the container itself when it has been dropped. Vita-Mix sells replacement parts for its blenders.

Bottom Leaks

Step 1

Turn the blender off.

Step 2

Turn the blender container one-half turn counterclockwise and lift it off the base.

Step 3

Set the blender container on a towel on the countertop with the bottom facing up.

Step 4

Place the plastic retainer nut wrench on the nut in the center of the bottom. Turn the wrench clockwise to tighten the nut and keep the container from leaking. If the blender container still leaks from the bottom, replace the container.

Replacement Container

Step 5

Place the cracked or broken blender container upside down on a towel on the kitchen counter.

Step 6

Turn the bottom retainer nut counterclockwise with the plastic retainer nut wrench to loosen it. Pull the nut straight off. Pull the base of the container straight off. Remove the bottom of the new container in the same manner.

Step 7

Grasp the bottom spline of the blade assembly and pull it out of the old container.

Step 8

Insert the blades into the new container. Place the new container base and the nut in the center. Turn the nut clockwise with the plastic retainer nut wrench to tighten it.