Unlike a staple gun, staplers are much safer to use and don't require special training. Everyone can learn to successfully load and use staplers. Bostitch staplers include an easy front-loading feature that makes them simple to own and operate. Once you get the hang of loading your Bostitch stapler, you'll be able to staple all your paperwork and documents quickly and easily.

Step 1

Pull the top half of the Bostitch stapler away from the base. The stapler should now be at a 180-degree angle.

Step 2

Place the stapler on a flat surface before continuing. For heavy-duty staplers, squeeze the Bostitch stapler's latch and pull it toward you. This will expose the stapler's cavity. Skip this step for desktop staplers.

Step 3

Load the staples into the cavity of the Bostitch stapler. For heavy-duty staplers, be sure the legs of the staples are facing upward. For desktop staplers, the legs should be facing downward.

Step 4

Slide the heavy-duty stapler's latch back into the stapler, and close the stapler. The top half should now be back on top of the base. For desktop staplers, simply close the stapler, with the top half on top of the base.