How to Troubleshoot a Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Carpet Cleaners are popular home-cleaning systems. The units have a built-in-heater feature that will heat tap water up to 25 degrees hotter to get your carpet cleaner. The unit will also automatically measure the right amount of cleaning solution to mix with the amount of water you have put in. You may, though, still experience problems with your Bissell Carpet Cleaner. If you do, learn how to troubleshoot your unit.

Step 1

Turn "On" the SmartTemp switch if the SmartTemp Ready Light does not illuminate. It may be in the Off position. Also, make sure that the machine's power switch is turned out. To activate the SmartTemp Ready Light, both switches must be in the On position.

Step 2

Refill the tank with hot water if the spray is reduced or not coming out at all. Check to see if the SmartMix bottle is empty. You may need to clean the filter if it is clogged and causing your problem. Make sure the tanks are seated properly. If these steps do not work, turn the power "Off" and then, after a minute, turn it "On" again. The pump may have lost prime. Once you turn it back on again, depress the trigger.

Step 3

Turn the machine off and unplug it from the outlet if you think the pump belt may be broken. To check if it is broken, insert the blade of a flat head screwdriver into the lower slot of the belt access door to release the lower snap. You may also need to insert the flat head into the upper slot to release the upper snap. You should be able to see the pump belt looped around the motor shaft and tell if it is broken. Consult the user's manual for how to obtain a new one (see link in Resources).

Step 4

Set the ReadyTools dial to either "Tools," "PreTreat" or "Floor Cleaning," if the cleaner is not picking up the solution. Check to make sure the Tank-in-Tank lid is properly installed. Also, make sure the Tank-in-Tank is seated properly. If these steps do not work, see if the Tank-in-Tank has picked up the maximum of dirty water and empty it.

Step 5

Turn "Off" the power and unplug the unit if the Dirt Lifter Power Brushes do not turn on. Check to see if the brush is off or broken. Make sure the unit is in the reclined position, using the detent pedal. The brushes will not rotate if the unit is upright. Check to see if a foreign object has gotten stuck in the brush roll.