How Long Should a Self-Cleaning Oven Stay On?

The length of self-cleaning cycles in many ovens is adjustable and may last anywhere from three to five hours. Shorter self-cleaning cycles are sufficient for lightly-soiled ovens while extremely dirty ovens need a longer self-cleaning cycle. The time remaining on the self-cleaning cycle should count down on your oven's clock to alert you to how much time is left.

Self Cleaning Cycle Time

Oven Cool Down Time

Even after the self cleaning cycle is finished, you still need to wait for the oven to cool down before the door will unlock. Some ovens include a cool down time in the self-cleaning cycle, but others may not.

Bottom Line

Set the self-cleaning cycle to your desired cleaning time and plan to wait 30 minutes to one hour longer than the cycle before you can use your oven. This gives the oven plenty of time to cool down.