Your KitchenAid mixer lets you quickly blend ingredients for delicious baked goods and home-cooked meals. To do its job, the KitchenAid mixer relies on properly lubricated gears. If the gears are not lubricated, the mixer cannot work efficiently, and you may notice a slowdown or poor performance. An appliance repair center can grease the KitchenAid mixer's gears for you, but if you feel comfortable taking the device apart, you can save money by handling this task yourself.

Step 1

Open the windows in the kitchen or room where you plan to grease the KitchenAid mixer. This gives you proper ventilation.

Step 2

Unplug the mixer from the electric outlet. Wrap a plastic baggie around the end of the cord, if desired, and then secure the baggie with a rubber band. This is a safety precaution so that no one can turn the mixer on while you work.

Step 3

Turn the mixer around so the back faces you. Use the #1 screwdriver to remove the two screws securing the back cover. With the screws removed, pull off the back cover.

Step 4

Locate the metal ring near the top of the mixer. Slide the edge of a standard screwdriver between the top of the ring and the mixer. Work the screwdriver around the ring, tapping it as you move. With enough force, the ring falls off. This reveals the planetary gear housing.

Step 5

Place the mixer on its side. Use the blade screwdriver to remove the four screws on the bottom of the mixer.

Step 6

Locate the small pin securing the planetary housing. Slide the pin out using the #0 screwdriver. Twist the housing off to access the interior.

Step 7

Remove the five screws inside the planetary housing with the blade screwdriver. Use the blade screwdriver to carefully pry off the bottom of the mixer case. Avoid the gasket and wires. With the case open, you see the main drive gearing.

Step 8

Use a small utility knife or bristle brush to scrape away all the old grease in the housing and gearing. The old grease is a brown or orange color.

Step 9

Look for the gear tower that sticks out of the gearing. Take out the three screws surrounding the gear tower. Remove the tower.

Step 10

Push the small pin out of the tower using the #0 screwdriver. Remove the old grease from each gear and part.

Step 11

Apply new grease to each gear and shaft using the small knife or another applicator. After greasing each part, reassemble the gasket and body. Replace the planetary housing, its pin, the chrome ring and the mixer cover.