Stanley Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

Stanley Works has not made or sold garage door openers since 1997. If you have problems with your garage door opener that was made by Stanley prior to 1997, you will need to show proof of warranty to get help from that company. If your opener was made after 1997, you are out of luck because the two companies that had the rights to the Stanley name and sold those openers went out of business. However, you can troubleshoot many of the problems you encounter on your own.


If your Stanley garage door opener will not work, ensure that it is plugged into a live 120-volt outlet. If the motor overload protector has been activated, wait 10 minutes for the motor to cool down. Keep in mind that the remote control will not operate the door until the beam sensor has been attached and properly aligned. If you are using a four-function wall console, ensure the vacation switch is in the "unlocked" position.

Lights Flashing

Flashing lights on the opener may indicate that the unit is requiring more force to the move the door than was selected with he open or close force, The need for this extra force may be an obstruction or a door that is not opening properly. Your owner's manual will have instructions on what to do in the "Door Balance Test" or "Open and Close Force Adjustments" sections.

Remote Control and Wall Button

If your Stanley garage door opener remote control will not work, or has a short range, it may be a matter of changing out an old battery with a new one. If that doesn't fix the problem, move or coil the antenna wire on the opener. If neither of these works, review the "Remote Control Programming" section of your owner's manual. If the unit's wall button is not working, ensure that the wall button wires are not broken or shorted. To do so, disconnect the wires from the back of the opener and "short" across the two screw terminals. If this action prompts your opener to work, the wall buttons wires are broken or shorted.