How to Put Out a Gas Grill Fire

How to Put Out a Gas Grill Fire. Just as any other fire, a gas grill fire that is not properly controlled can lead to a fire that may burn out of control. Think safety, safety, safety when it comes to using a grill. The following will help you in your efforts to quickly and safely extinguish a gas grill fire.

Step 1

Keep a fire extinguisher near the grill at all times.

Step 2

Keep a phone close.

Step 3

Place the grill several feet away from a house or vehicle. If the fire gets out of control, it could quickly move to other nearby items.

Step 4

Turn off the gas if the fire is in the grill itself. This will stop feeding the fire.

Step 5

Close the lid.

Step 6

Shut the gas tank off if the fire is in the hose itself. If you are unable to reach the knob, use the fire extinguisher and call 911. The fire may quickly move to the tank which would be extremely hazardous.

Step 7

Clear the area and call 911 if the fire is in the tank.