Absorbed Matt Glass (AGM) batteries are sealed, lead-filled batteries designed to prevent leakage. AGM batteries charge approximately five-times faster than most batteries and have a high resistance to vibrations, making them the battery of choice for use in motor homes and vehicles. Charging AGM batteries requires a special charger to charge the batteries adequately. Never charge AGM batteries with other batteries. Only allow the batteries to discharge about 40 percent before recharging. Charge the batteries immediately when they approach the 40 percent discharge status to keep batteries working at optimum levels.

Step 1

Check the time allotted to charge AGM batteries. Charge the batteries no more than the correct time in order to prevent battery damage. In addition, the temperature of the room is important when charging batteries. Optimal temperature is normally 68 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 Celsius.

Step 2

Hook up the AGM deep cycle battery charger to the battery. Clip the red, positive end of the charger with the red terminal on the battery. Clip the black, negative end of the charger with the black hook-up from the battery charger. Instructions may vary according to the particular charger used, consult the owner's manual for specific instructions.

Step 3

Plug in the charger and turn it on to begin charging. Check the screen on the charger every 15 minutes to ensure it charges properly.