High in popularity and versatile in its uses, the NuWave oven is a relatively small kitchen appliance that delivers big rewards in the final product. There are many ways to use the NuWave, from baking muffins to searing swordfish. Knowing how it operates and what it can do can expand your NuWave recipe stash.

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The NuWave Oven Quick Guide

How it Works

The NuWave uses three different systems at the same time to cook food thoroughly. The combination of infrared, conduction and convection increases flavor and reduces calories in many home-cooked meals because no oil is cook the food. The infrared penetrates food items to basically cook them from the inside out, which helps the food from drying out. The convection circulates hot air to keep the heat even throughout the oven. The conduction allows the food to brown without using oils. This happens with the specific grill or dish made for the NuWave oven that transfers the heat directly to the meat or vegetable to give it a good sear.

Setup and Functions

The NuWave is fairly easy to set up straight out of the box. Wash down the clear plastic housing, dishes, grills and surfaces with warm water and mild dish soap before using. Place the base unit on a clean, hard, flat surface and set the black liner pan inside. Place the wire handles at the lowest level. The dual cooking rack is next. This is where most of your main meals will be placed for cooking. The transparent dome goes over the entire set to fit snugly into the base unit. Place the power head on the top of the transparent dome and twist it to lock in place. Once the power head is properly connected to the transparent dome, the handles can be used to remove the lid from the cooking unit. Wait for the unit to cool before handling or disassembling. Always use pot holders when the unit is on as it can get very hot.

Food Tips

A whole chicken can be cooked to browned perfection in 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Using that as a base, you can see how the NuWave can save you time in the kitchen for main meals that can take up to an hour or more in a standard oven. One of the best features for users is that frozen meat does not need to be defrosted when cooked in a NuWave oven. It comes out flavorful and tender straight from the freezer to the oven to the table. The NuWave is also popular for its reheating abilities. It can take leftover French fries, pizza, burritos or tacos and bring them back to crisp and tasty rather than warm and mushy like when you reheat things in the microwave.