How to Troubleshoot a Hoover SteamVac

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Always check manufacturer's recommendations before making any adjustments to your Hoover SteamVac.

A variety of issues may the problem if your Hoover SteamVac isn't working right. Perhaps your cleaning solution will not dispense or your machine's suction level is low. Sometimes the brush indicator won't rotate. And of course there is also the possibility that your SteamVac will not run at all for you. What follows are ways to troubleshoot your problem.


Step 1

Check that the cord is firmly plugged into the outlet. If that does not solve the problem, perhaps there is no voltage in your wall plug. Check your fuse box to see if you have a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. If that is the case, either replace the fuse or reset the breaker.

Step 2

If you are experiencing low suction with your steam vac, check to see if your recovery tank is full. If it is, the machine will automatically engage the shut-off mechanism. Remove and empty the recovery tank. There is also a chance that there is a blockage in the tool on the end of the hose. To check, remove the tool and clear any blockage that might be there. If none of these solutions solve your problem, check that the recovery tank lid is on correctly.


Step 3

If you find that your cleaning solution will not dispense, check that the tank is securely in the locked position. There is also a chance that the solution tank is empty, in which case fill it with cleaning fluid. Ensure that the recovery tank lid is firmly in place.

Step 4

Prime the pump. Priming means to remove air from the system so that the cleaning fluid can flow to the tool. You "prime the pump" by attaching the tool to the hose and turning the carpet clearer to ON. Then put the tool on a hard surface or against your hand to block the suction. It may take up to 15 seconds to remove all the air. Once this is done, squeeze the trigger on the machine and begin to clean.


Step 5

If your brush indicator won't rotate, remove the clear cover over the indicator and clean the screen. There is a chance that the screen is dirty. Replace the cover when you are done. If you find that you still have a problem, make sure that the speed selector is on LOW or HI, and not OFF.



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