How to Change the Code on a Wayne Dalton Keypad

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If you make a mistake, press the "On/Off/Reset" button, and try again.

You operate Wayne Dalton garage door openers from a control panel installed inside your garage, a remote control or a keypad installed on the outside of the garage. The keypad operates the door when you enter the programmed pass code. Only those who are allowed access to your garage should know the pass code for your door. If you think someone who should not have access to your garage knows your pass code, change the code.

Step 1

Press and hold the "Program" button on the power unit of the garage door opener that is attached to your garage ceiling. The indicator light on the power unit comes on, indicating that the power unit is in programming mode. Users with the "IDrive" power unit hear a beep in lieu of an indicator light.

Step 2

Pull up on the keypad cover and press the four-digit pass code you want to use for the door.

Step 3

Press and hold the "0" button until the garage door starts to move, and then release it. The new pass code is saved to the power unit, and the old code is erased.

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