A smart feature on LiftMaster residential garage door or gate openers with newer motor drives allows you to program openers and remotes, or to add, change or program a personal identification number for a keypad.

For models that have the Smart-Learn feature, the frequency on which the remotes or keypads communicate with the drive motor changes each time you reprogram the control devices. On older models, to change the frequency, you must change and match the switch positions between the control devices and the drive motor.

Program the Remote

Set up a stepladder beneath the motor drive attached to the ceiling to program the remote for a garage door opener. You won't need the stepladder to access the motor drive on a gate opener.

Step 1

Detach the cover for the light and let it hang loose from the drive motor.

Step 2

Locate the Smart or Learn button and LED indicator near the opener's light. The button may be white, gray, yellow, orange, red or purple depending on the model you have.

Step 3

Press the button and release it immediately. The LED for the Learn button should light up and stay lit for 30 seconds. During this 30-second period, press and hold the button on the remote that you will use to open the garage door or gate. Continue holding the remote button until the main light for the garage door or the LED indicator blinks or flashes, or you hear two clicks in succession, indicating that programming was successful.

Keypad Programming

Step 4

To add a personal identification number to a keypad, change its number or program a new keypad, remove the light cover on the motor drive of the garage door or gate opener at its back.

Step 5

Locate the Smart-Learn button. This may be red, yellow, orange, green or purple, depending on your model. It may also have an LED indicator light next to it.

Step 6

Press the Learn button once and release it immediately. The light should come on for 30 seconds. During this 30-second interval, enter a four-digit PIN on the keypad, then press the Enter button. If you have completed this step successfully, the LED light will turn off or the opener's light will flash or blink.

Step 7

Wait at least 10 seconds, then enter the new PIN into the keypad and press Enter to see if it operates the opener. If it fails to open the garage door, repeat the previous steps.

Older Units

Older openers that do not use the Smart-Learn feature have DIP -- dual in-line package -- switches that must be set on the opener itself and the remote control. The number of switches the unit has varies by model. Before buying a new remote, verify that it will work with your opener model; if the opener and remote do not have the same number of switches, the remote will not work. The DIP system may have two or three positions for each switch.

Change the settings on the opener to change the frequency it operates within. Avoid setting the DIP switches in easy repeatable patterns or leaving them set to the default settings. Some models can have as many as 12 switches. Whatever positions you set the DIP switches to on the opener, they must be set to the same positions on the remote. To access the DIP settings in the remote, remove the battery cover.

Commercial Openers

Commercial openers have a control station with an internal logic board that holds the programming buttons. Open the cover to the control station to access the logic board.

Step 8

Press and release the Radio button on the logic board enter the programming mode. The LED indicator light should come on. Complete the remaining steps within 30 seconds.

Step 9

Press and hold the button on the remote control. The LED should start blinking rapidly.

Step 10

Release the button on the remote. The LED should stay on without blinking.

Step 11

Press and release the Radio button to complete the programming.