How to Put Out a Fire in a Wood Stove

A wood stove is an enjoyable alternative way to heat a home. By burning wood or other fuel sources, wood stoves make use of the natural heat generated by the fire, often at a greater monetary savings to a gas or electric heater. You should take great care when operating a wood stove, as improper use can lead to the grave consequence of a house fire. It is important also to properly extinguish a fire when you are done using the wood stove, because an unchecked fire can be hazardous and wasteful.

Step 1

Close the main door to the wood stove and seal it shut.

Step 2

Close the dampers on the stove to fully rob the burning fire of oxygen. This will cause the fire to extinguish when all oxygen inside the stove has been burned away.

Step 3

Spray a wood stove fire extinguisher into the stove if the fire is burning out of control and needs to be put out immediately.