How to Operate a Frigidaire Self-Cleaning Oven

Operating a Frigidaire self-cleaning oven is as simple as pushing a few buttons or twisting a knob. These instructions are specific to the FGB24S5ASB and FGB24S5ASA models of Frigidaire self-cleaning oven. Operating instructions for other self-cleaning Frigidaire ovens will be very similar. Make sure to keep small children away from the oven when in use, especially during the cleaning cycle as it may reach very high temperatures and be hot to the touch.


Step 1

Push in and turn the oven control knob to the desired temperature. If your oven has an electronic keypad control, press the "BAKE" button and then use the up and down arrows to select the desired baking temperature.

Step 2

Allow the oven to preheat for between 10 and 12 minutes, then insert the food to be baked. Make sure the oven door closes completely once the food is in.

Step 3

Set the timer, if so desired, by pressing and holding the "Timer" button until you hear a beep. Press the up or down arrows to adjust to the desired cook time. The timer will automatically start running 5 seconds after the last press of an up or down arrow.

Step 4

Twist the oven control knob to the "OFF" position once cooking is done, or press the "OFF" button if your oven is equipped with an electronic keypad control.


Step 5

Place the broiler grid in the broiler pan.

Step 6

Put the meat on the broiler grid and insert the grid, pan and meat into the oven. Rare meats should go on a high oven rack, near to the broiler heating element, while foods to be well-done should be positioned lower in the oven.

Step 7

Push in on the oven control knob and twist it to "BROIL." Make sure the oven door is securely closed. If your oven is equipped with an electronic keypad, press the "BROIL" button and use the up and down arrows to select the desired broil temperature.

Step 8

Broil food until brown on one side, flip over and cook until brown on the other side.

Step 9

Twist the oven control knob to "OFF" or press the "OFF" button. Open the oven door and remove the broiled food with oven mitts.


Step 10

Use a plastic spoon to scrape away any extra spillovers or burnt-on food from inside the oven. Remove as much of this as you can before running the self-cleaning cycle, because any spillovers left in the oven during the cleaning cycle may cause a lot of smoke.

Step 11

Wipe off the inside of the oven with a rag dipped in soapy water. Be careful not to get any cleaning supplies on the oven door gasket or to disrupt the position of the gasket at all; having a good seal is critical to the success of the oven's self-cleaning cycle.

Step 12

Clean any soil away from the oven frame and its door liner with a rag dipped in soapy water. Any soil left on these parts of the oven may become burned on during the self-cleaning cycle.

Step 13

Pull the broiler pan and grid, any utensils, and any tin foil that may have been left in the oven out of it. They can't withstand the extreme temperatures the self-cleaning oven will reach. It's okay to leave the oven racks in the oven.

Step 14

Make sure the oven door is completely closed.

Step 15

Press the "CLEAN" button on the control pad. Use the up and down arrows to select the desired cleaning time; use 2 hours for a lightly soiled oven and 3 or 4 hours for a dirtier oven. The oven will lock itself and begin the cleaning cycle.

Step 16

Wait for the cycle to end and the oven to cool; it will then unlock itself automatically. Don't try to open the oven door before it has unlocked itself.