Self Cleaning Tappan Oven Instructions

According to, the Tappan company dates back to 1877 and was a pioneer in the self-cleaning oven industry. Self-cleaning is meant to take the messiness out of cleaning ovens. To self-clean, your Tappan generates high heat from both the top and bottom of the oven to burn off all spills and grease on the oven surfaces. The high heat converts leftover substances into light, fluffy ash, which you can then easily remove.


Instructions for turning on the self-cleaning feature of your Tappan oven are simple. According to Tappan manuals, the clock has to be set first, so the oven can keep track of cleaning time. On older ovens and oven-ranges, the clock has two dials. One is the "Start" dial, and the other the "Stop." To start the self-cleaning process, make sure the time shown on the arrow of the "Start" dial is the same as the one shown on the clock. Next push the knob on the "Stop" dial, and move the arrow so it is about three hours ahead of the current time on the clock.

If you have a digital model Tappan oven, push the "Clean" button and then use the "Up" and "Down" until the appropriate number of hours appears on the screen. For example, if you want to clean your oven for a 2-hour cycle, press the "Up" button until 2:00 displays on the screen. When you release the Up/Down arrow by removing your finger from the button, the word "CLN" will automatically appear in the digital display window. This means your oven is now in the clean cycle, according to the Tappan manual.

After you set the time, lock the door. Once the self-cleaning cycle is complete and your oven is cool, open the door and wipe soot off all surfaces inside your oven using a rag or paper towels.

Locking the Door

A locking handle on an oven door prevents the oven from being opened during cleaning. It is extremely important to check the door so your oven cleans safely. Do this by engaging the lock function and then testing the door by pulling it to see if it opens.


The self-cleaning mode is a useful one, but it can be dangerous. Since the system works by cleaning the oven at 900 degrees Fahrenheit or more, do not to attempt to open the oven during the cleaning process. Opening the oven during self-cleaning could result in severe burns

Before turning on the self-cleaning feature, make sure that there is nothing in the oven that might be even remotely flammable. Tappan recommends removing the racks whenever possible, because the rack finish may become dull or assume a bluish color during self-cleaning. If you keep the racks in during self-cleaning, polish them with baby oil on a soft cloth after they have cooled.

Also, because of the high temperatures, use the self-cleaning feature during colder weather to keep your kitchen and other parts of the house from becoming uncomfortably warm.