How to Buy Cookware for a Ceramic Glass Cooktop

Selecting the correct cookware is important for getting the best results out of your ceramic glass cooktop. Depending on your existing cookware, you may need to replace some or all of your pans.

Size and Shape

Measure the cooking areas on your glass cooktop to find out what size pans you need. For maximum efficiency, use pans that are the same size as the cooking area.

Always use flat-bottomed pans on your glass cooktop. This type of stove doesn't transfer heat unless the pan is in direct contact with the cooktop. A rounded pan has very little surface area in contact with the cooking area.


In general, medium- or heavy-weight cookware is best. Some materials work better than others on a glass cooktop.

What to Look For

Cookware made from these materials cooks efficiently and does not damage the surface of a ceramic glass cooktop:

  • Heavy-weight aluminum conducts heat well and is not prone to scratches or wear that could damage the cooktop.
  • Stainless steel also conducts heat well. Sandwich clad bottom pans offer the heat diffusion of copper with the durability of stainless steel.
  • Titanium is durable and cooks well on glass cooktops.
  • Porcelain or enamel also work well.

What to Avoid

Avoid pans made from the following materials. They will damage the surface of your cooktop or simply don't work well:

  • Glass is a poor heat conductor, so using a glass pan will increase cooking times.
  • Ceramic may scratch the surface of your cooktop.
  • Stoneware is prone to uneven surfaces that can cause scratches.
  • Cast iron is slow to heat but holds onto heat for a long time. This can cause the temperature sensors in the glass cooktop to work incorrectly. In some situations, cast iron can hold so much heat on the cooktop that it damages the components of the range.


Dirty, tarnished or rusted pans will not conduct heat from the cooking zone as efficiently as clean cookware. Stove manufacturers recommend keeping the cooking surface clean for the same reason. Efficient cooking uses less electricity, and less time.

If you want to use older cookware on your glass cooktop, ensure that it is not dented or warped. Any misshapen areas on the bottom of the pan will interfere with its contact with the cooking area.