Instructions for the Self Clean Cuisinart Coffeemaker

The self-cleaning coffee maker by Cuisinart offers a thermal carafe, power loss back-up system, electronic control panel, brew pause option, a charcoal filter and a setting that automatically cleans the coffee maker to remove mineral buildup. Sold on the Internet and in department and culinary supply stores, the coffee maker produces up to 12 cups of coffee per brew cycle. You should utilize the self-clean cycle on a regular basis to help keep the coffee tasting fresh and the coffee maker working properly.

Step 1

Lift up the cover from the water reservoir and remove the filter from the filter basket. Empty and wash the carafe well with warm, soapy water. Rinse well.

Step 2

Pour 1/3-cup white vinegar and 2/3-cup water into the water reservoir on the coffee maker.

Step 3

Press the "Power" button and then the "Clean" button. Wait for the clean cycle to complete, which will be indicated by five beeps.

Step 4

Press the "Power" button and repeat the vinegar and water process if the "Clean" light re-illuminates.

Step 5

Pour one carafe of cold water into the water reservoir when the "Clean" light no longer illuminates. Set the carafe back on the drip plate, turn the "Function" knob to "Brew" and press the "Power" button to flush the cold water through the coffee maker.

Step 6

Insert a new filter and pour clean water into the reservoir prior to brewing the next batch of coffee.