How to Attach a Propane Tank to a Char-Broil Grill

Enjoy tasty grilled food with your Char-Broil gas grill. Outdoor grilling adds a different taste to food than what you can achieve indoors. While there is some dispute on whether food cooked on gas grills or charcoal grills tastes better, a few facts are clear -- gas grills are less messy and simpler to maintain. Before you can throw that steak on your Char-Broil gas grill, you must first connect the propane tank to it. This tank provides the needed fuel to your grill.

Step 1

Place the propane tank into the designated spot under the grill. Slide the retaining arm over the top of the tank to secure it in place.

Step 2

Turn all the control knobs on the grill to the "Off" position. Turn the knob on the propane tank to the "Off" position by turning it clockwise.

Step 3

Remove the protective cover on the outlet of the propane tank. These typically pull right off.

Step 4

Align the grill's regulator in a vertical position with the tank, and push the regulator nut on to the threaded connection of the propane tank. Turn clockwise until hand-tight.