Tefal, also known as T-Fal, is a French cookware and small-appliance manufacturer that makes nonstick steam irons. As with any household appliance, you will need to perform minor maintenance on your iron to keep it operating properly. If you are having problems with your T-Fal iron, there are a few simple troubleshooting steps that might remedy the issue.

Step 1

Perform a self-clean if the iron isn't working properly in general. Fill the water tank, power up the iron and set it to "MAX." When the thermostat light goes off, unplug the iron and hold it horizontally over the sink. Raise the anti-calc valve, located under the double steam button, by pulling the tabs located on each side. Gently shake the iron over the sink and allow the water to empty through the soleplate. Replace the anti-calc valve, by pushing it back into place, and turn the iron on to dry the soleplate.

Step 2

Reduce the steam flow or set the temperature-control zone to "MAX" if water drips from the holes in the soleplate. Check the water level in the iron and discard excess if the iron is overfilled.

Step 3

Clean all excess startch from the soleplate with a wet nonmetallic sponge and perform a self-clean if there are brown streaks staining your garments. Vacuum the holes on the soleplate each month, as well, to keep them clean and free of debris.

Step 4

Fill the iron with clean water and ensure that the steam level is not set to "DRY" if there is little or no steam coming from the iron. If the problem persists, set the steam control slide to "DRY" and remove the anti-calc valve by following the procedure outlined in Step 1. Soak the valve in vinegar or lemon juice for at least four hours. Rinse the valve with clean water and place it back in the iron.