How Do I Know If Call Forwarding Is Activated?

We now live in a technology-driven world. People no longer have to sit at home or their office to wait for calls--they can forward calls to another line with ease. The best way not to miss an important call is to activate your call-forwarding feature to forward a call to another land line or a cell phone. There are tones that signal the call-forwarding feature was successfully activated.

Call Forwarding to a Land Line

If you wish to activate call forwarding to another land line, simply pick up your phone and listen for a dial tone. Dial #72 or *72, depending on your carrier. Next, dial the phone number that you wish to have your calls forwarded to. For example #72 +234-456-7789. After you complete this task, the number that you forwarded calls to should ring, alerting you to the fact that the activation was sucessful. To deactivate the call forwarding just dial #73 and wait for the tone and hang up.

Call Forwarding to a Cell Phone

If you want to forward calls to a cell phone than you simply press# 72 and enter the number that you are forwarding the calls to and press send. You need to wait for the confirmation and then hang up. To deactivate the feature just press #73 on your cell phone and wait for confirmation. Once the confirmation is complete, press "end" and you are done.

How to Know it's Activated

When activating call forwarding, be sure to listen for the ring that confirms activation. If you are still unsure, you can always call the phone number you forwarded calls from and see if the phone you forwarded calls to rings.